Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Das Plague - S/T

1. Ritmos Sincopados, Sonidos de Muerte
2. A Un Paso de la Determinacion
3. La Segunda Regla
4. Mimesis
5. La Marea de Piedras

Band Members:
Nelson - Vocals
Gabi - Guitar/Vocals
Blas - Guitar
Marcos - Bass
Javi - Drums

Imagine taking bits of Isis like post metal and then mixing it with crusty hardcore influence (think Recreant without violin). Then throw it in Spain. Das Plague. Seriously, this album is so masterfully done. The melodies, builds, and instrumentation blend perfectly to a beautiful, emotive, heavy experience. Sadly, I truly don't know much about this band and can't find much about them online. In light of this, this review is pretty short, so all I can say is LISTEN TO THIS ALBUM. You may be surprised, but you definitely won't be disappointed.

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