Friday, October 25, 2013

Death of Kings - Knifehammer/Beneath the Obsidian 7"

1. Knifehammer
2. Beneath the Obsidian

Band Members:
Matt Matson - Guitar, Vocals 
Scott Price - Guitar, Vocals
Ash - Bass
Amos Rifkin - Drums

Death of Kings is a thrash metal band from Atlanta GA and they play metal in every sense of the word. Blistering fast, full of awesome riffs, blazing guitar solos, aggressive in your face vocals that aren't quite screams but definitely aren't clean, and lyrics about wolves and war and shit. These guys just released a 2 track 7" and it's by far the best produced and best written thing they've put out so far. I mean, how can you go wrong with a track called Knifehammer? You can't, because that song will literally hammer you with a knife. The 7" is being printed on glow in the dark vinyl and is available for digital purchase on, so you have no reason not to own these two fantastic songs! And if you want to wait to buy the vinyl, Death of Kings will be playing here in Columbia at New Brookland Tavern on November 17th!

Download the 7" HERE
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